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“Ms. Sena helped me through my domestic violence case with constant meticulous and compassionate support. She clearly laid out how my temporary restraining order case would progress and what I needed to do to put me in the best position as my case went forward. Despite the continuance of the court case and the respondent’s constant and unwavering harassment of Ms. Sena via email, she was nonplused and maintained her professionalism. Her experience and skill throughout this four month conflict ended with a three year restraining order agreement. Thank you, Ms. Sena, for your expertise in domestic violence cases.”

-Tammy S.

“I have hired Ms. Sena for several different criminal law cases and I have been completely satisfied with the results. First, she always answers her phone when her clients call. She is extremely professional in her legal strategies but also is very compassionate and empathetic for your situation. Probably the best thing about her is that she develops unorthodox strategies for working on your case. Some of the things that she does includes “shopping” judges for a better chance at a more favorable outcome. Her fees are very reasonable, especially in comparison with other attorneys in the area. She has even offered me advice and direction a couple of times but did not charge me. Ms. Sena also volunteered her time to a friend of mine’s organization, Pathways, which helps girls who have had difficult lives to get through college. I have referred a couple of associates of mine who hired Ms. Sena to represent them and they both had the same positive experiences that I had.”

-Mike H.

“I could not have fathomed a better attorney or a better experience than I had with Ms. Sena. I was charged with a domestic violence offense and was ready to take it to trial if that was necessary. Ms. Sena got all of the charges dismissed and we did not have to go to trial. I am back with my family and often wonder what could have happened if I had hired a different attorney. I will always be thankful that I chose to hire Ms. Sena and that she was by my side during one of the hardest times of my life.”

-Mike B.

“I was charged with a crime that I did not commit. I feared that I would go to prison for a long time. Ms. Sena worked on my case around the clock. She met me at my home, met with my family and friends, and never gave up fighting for me. It took two years but I could not be happier with the outcome: she won the case. I am more thankful than words can say.”

-Antonio F.

“I was extremely embarrassed to be charged with a sensitive crime. Ms. Sena treated me with nothing but respect and never laid judgment on me. She helped me get the treatment and counseling that I needed and to navigate the legal system and put it behind me. She was compassionate at a time when everyone only expressed scorn and judgment.”

-Larry G.

“Ms. Sena is very professional, personable, and intelligent but she always treats her clients that same way. I felt like she treated me like “family” in her care of me and my case. I would not hesitate to hire her again to represent me or for advice.”


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