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Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

You get arrested. It happens. The police tell you they want to “talk.” They want to hear what happened. They tell you it will be better if you are honest with them. They explain to you that not talking to them now will make your case more complicated for you later. They ask you if you are hiding something because you don’t want to tell them your “side of the story.”

DO NOT talk to the police or any investigator without first talking to Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer Staycie R. Sena. Call Staycie R. Sena even if you believe that you can explain what happened, that you did not do anything wrong, or that you could ultimately benefit from talking to the police. Remember that anything you say can be used against you in criminal proceedings to come. Talking to the police could end up providing just what they needed to solidify or cement the case against you.

Do Not Talk To The Police Until You Have Talked To Top Orange County Criminal Attorney Staycie R. Sena! An Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Law Attorney.

Ms. Sena has successfully defended a great number of cases in the Orange County area. She has great relationships with numerous District Attorneys and judges in Orange County and has successfully talked them into dismissing cases. She has an amazing reputation in the Orange County legal community with many judges and other attorneys describing her as “passionate,” “relentless,” and “among the top criminal attorneys in Orange County.”

Case News Domestic Violence Dismissal
Spousal battery with traumatic injury.
Result: Case Dismissed
DUI with Prior
Arrested for DUI with a prior conviction.
Result: Prior Dismissed, Case Treated as First-time DUI
Passing Stolen Checks
Arrested for passing stolen checks and receipt of stolen Property.
Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor & No Jail Time
Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

Ms. Sena has over a decade’s worth of invaluable experience in Orange County criminal defense. She has spent that time learning the realities of the criminal justice system, investigating cases, interacting with district attorneys, judges, city attorneys and probation officers, and above all vigorously defending her clients. Ms. Sena is well equipped to handle almost every criminal law case. Whether you are being charged with domestic violence, a DUI, theft, a drug offense, sex crimes, assault, or any other type of criminal charge or violation, Ms. Sena is prepared to aggressively defend your criminal case.

Ms. Sena understands that this is probably the most stressful and uncertain time of your life and she knows what is at stake. She hopes to take some of that burden off of you while providing you with a top-notch criminal defense. Every single client will have direct access to top Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer Staycie Sena and will be treated with respect, compassion, understanding, tactical planning meetings, fair rates, and payment plans, if appropriate.

Avoid unnecessary complications, develop a strategy, avoid jail time, get your life back on track, and call Staycie R. Sena at (949) 477-8088 to discuss your criminal case and options. Hiring a defense attorney early sets the tone for your entire criminal law case. If you want a criminal lawyer who is experienced, aggressive, and who has great contacts with numerous prosecutors and judges, then please call Staycie R. Sena to get started.

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