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Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses are some of the most significant charges that criminal defendants can face. If convicted of a sexual offense, individuals face very serious penalties from long prison sentences to having to register as a sex offender and that status being made available to the public online. In additional to criminal penalties, individuals face serious social repercussions stemming from a sexual offense conviction. To say that there is a lot at stake is an understatement and hiring an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney is crucial to defending the charges against you.

Commonly Charged Sexual Offenses
  • Child Molestation
  • Prostitution/Pandering
  • Child Annoyance
  • Rape
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Sexual Assault
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Sexual Battery
  • Lewd Conduct
  • Solicitation
  • Possession/Distribution of Illegal Pornography
  • Statutory Rape

Sexual offense cases are very difficult and complex to defend. Unfortunately, a small minority of criminal defense attorneys in Orange County have adequate experience or the right training to handle these cases. Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Staycie R. Sena has a great track record in these cases: she has handled some of the most difficult sexual offense cases in Orange County and even has gotten nearly unimaginable results. Ms. Sena is compassionate and empathetic about the position that her clients find themselves in. She is an aggressive and effective advocate for her clients and has taken many cases to trial resulting in “not-guilty” verdicts. She also has persuaded the District Attorney’s office to dismiss the charges outright once she has investigated the case and found facts favorable to her clients.

In 2009, and again in 2014, Ms. Sena was also able to get a Certificate of Rehabilitation granted by the court for clients who were registered sex offenders. Getting a Certificate of Rehabilitation is extremely difficult and has only been granted a handful of times in Orange County. Having been successful, other criminal defense lawyers often come to Ms. Sena for advice in this regard.

If you are being charged with a sexual offense, you must retain an experienced criminal defense attorney before you do anything else. Please do NOT try to talk to the individual who is accusing you. In many cases, an “accuser” calls an accused individual stating that they want to get “closure,” while in reality they are working with the police and the call is being recorded. If you are charged with a sexual offense, contact Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Staycie R. Sena for a consultation immediately.

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"Ms. Sena guided me through the dark ravages of domestic violence with scrupulous and empathetic support." Tammy S.
"I was charged with a crime that I did not commit. I feared that I would go to prison for a long time. Ms. Sena worked on my case around the clock. She met me at my home, met with my family and friends, and never gave up fighting for me. It took two years but I could not be happier with the outcome: she won the case. I am more thankful than words can say" Antonio F.