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A police officer tells you not to worry - he just wants to hear "your side of the story".

STOP! Before you talk to the police or any investigative officer, call Orange County criminal defense lawyer Staycie R. Sena. You may think you can explain a situation or that you'll be better off in the long run if you admit any wrong-doing, but by talking to the police, you may seal your fate. Even if you really do have nothing to hide, your words can and will be used against you.

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Do Not Talk To The Police Until You Have Talked To Top Orange County Criminal Attorney Staycie R. Sena!    

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Ms. Sena has handled thousands of criminal defense cases in Orange County including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, Huntington Beach and Southern California. She has successfully talked officers out of filing charges on some of the most difficult cases and she has talked District Attorneys and judges into dismissing compelling cases. See Recent Client Testimonials below.

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Case News

Domestic Violence Dismissal
Spousal battery with traumatic injury.
Result: Case Dismissed

DUI with Prior
Arrested for DUI with a prior conviction.
Result: Prior Dismissed, Case Treated as First-time DUI

Passing Stolen Checks
Arrested for passing stolen checks and receipt of stolen Property.
Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor & No Jail Time

Ms. Sena has spent well over a decade learning the system, investigating facts, interacting with judges, district attorneys, city attorneys and probation officers, and clients and has mastered the system better than most criminal law lawyers or criminal defense attorneys in Orange County. Whether your situation involves domestic violence, DUIs, assaults, deadly weapons, theft, embezzlement, drug offenses, forgeries, sex crimes, or any other kind of felony or misdemeanor criminal law violation, Ms. Sena can provide you with aggressive and tactical representation for your criminal law case.

Each and every client is promised direct access to top Orange County criminal lawyer Ms. Sena (not an associate attorney), compassion, understanding, strategy sessions, competitive rates and a payment plan.

Avoid complications, develop an action plan, stay out of jail, and get back on track. If you have been charged with a crime in Orange County, contact us or call today at (949) 477-8088 to discuss your criminal law case and legal options.

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Recent Client Testimonials

"My experience with Staycie was the best I've ever had with an attorney. I had a 10 year old warrant in my case because i left the state. I've since returned and she was the first person i called by sheer luck. She quoted me a very fair retainer price and was able to have my warrant recalled in one court visit. I live 10 hours north of Santa Ana and she was able to convince the judge that I shouldn't have to appear before him to resolve the matter-a very strict judge to I was informed. Anyone out there who needs a GREAT attorney call Staycie first. I'm so glad I did. Just review her credentials they speak for themselves. She's the best! Thanks again Staycie."

"I am a medical doctor and was arrested for domestic violence due to misunderstanding. I was panicked and interviewed multiple firms since this may affect my medical practice. Ms. Sena impressed me with her extensive experience in the field, knowledge about the system, and attention to details. I felt most comfortable with her so I asked her to represent me. Ms. Sena was able to confer with DA's office and no charge was filed. My deepest gratitude."

"Thanks so much Staycie, this entire situation has changed the path of my life in so many wonderful ways and thanks to you it is going to all work out. Thank you for making sure justice was served. You were the best choice I made in the past several weeks. We were assured by other lawyers that getting this dismissed was not possible but you pulled it off and I will recommend you to anyone I know who ever needs a lawyer. Thanks again!"

"On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, Staychia Sena is a 10! She developed an effective strategy for my case to get the desired result. She's a great listener and communicator who stayed in close contact with me. She is smart, caring, and conscientious. She knows the system and is very effective in court. I recommend Ms. Sena highly. She's the very best! I'm so grateful to her for her skillful help."

"Ms. Sena guided me through the dark ravages of domestic violence with scrupulous and empathetic support. She gave a clear vision of how my TRO would progress and the legal path I needed to maintain . In spite of the respondent's court continuance and his constant harassment with vicious e-mails to Ms. Sena, she maintained a fearless yet professional attitude toward him. Her diplomacy both in and out of the courtroom throughout this 4 month battle concluded with his agreement to give me a 3 year restraining order. Thank You Ms.Sena for your brilliant legal expertise in matters of domestic violence."

"Staychia handled my case, which was outside her county of normal operation, and did so in a swift, confident, and I-don't-give-up manner. When the first settlement was proposed she said "no thanks, who's your boss?" and went up the ladder until she got what we both wanted... a dismissal! She gets five stars for results... not promises... results!"

"Ms. Sena was referred by the OCBA and after an initial message, she called me back promptly, handled my case in an expedited time-frame and resolved my legal matter in a professional manner. I was not able to meet with her in person but we were able to conduct business by phone/email with ease. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her."

"I was charged with a felony for receiving stolen property and as an immigrant I was up for deportation if convicted. Ms. Sena worked closely with an immigration lawyer to protect me from deportation. The DA was asking for jail time but Ms. Sena was very effective in her negotiation and finally got the charge dismissed. I am going to apply for medical school and if it was not for her help my dream of becoming a doctor would never materialize. The posting guideline prevents me from giving out personal information otherwise I would give my phone number so you can hear my testimony directly from me. You really cannot go wrong in hiring Ms. Sena."

"Staycie Sena is something else. She got my cultivation charges dismissed with still a clean record and we did not even have to go through pc1000! I am still overwhelmed with so much joy and excitement this is the best reasonable lawyer to date and i sure would be used as reference for her if needed! Thank You So Much Staycie!"

"I am a female and had been arrested for DV (felony). Stacie was able to work with the DA to get my case dismissed so it will never show up on my record. She is a miracle worker! She was VERY responsive and professional - I trust her without a doubt and would recommend her to anyone who needs help. She was there for me and made me feel very comfortable."

"I have used Staycie for several different criminal matters over the years and I have been 100% happy with the results. The first thing is that she answers her phone when you call. She is professional in her approach but shows a large amount of compassion for your situation. The best thing I can say about her is her out of the box thinking when it comes to working on your case. She does things like shopping judges to get a more favorable outcome. Her fee's are extremely reasonable compared to other attorneys. On a couple of occasions she provided me with advice and direction and did not charge me. She was also kind enough to donate her time to a friend of mine's organization called Pathways which helps girls who have had troubled lives get through college. I have given her number to a couple of associates who have had Staycie represent them and they both had the same positive experiences that I have had."

"Mrs.Sena is not only a professional, personable and smart - but she always make sure her clients are treated that way. I felt like "family" was taking care of me. I would not hesitate to use her again for legal council or advice."

"Staycie Sena got my domestic violence charges dismissed. I was scared and I thought I might have to go jail. Her fees were reasonable, she was a pleasure to work with and I couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend her if you're looking for an attorney."

"I was impressed with how Ms. Sena knew what would work before we even went into court. I made a mistake, but she was not judgmental about my case. She set out an action plan and was able to convince the court to dismiss my case."

"I would highly recommend Ms. Sena to anyone looking for a criminal attorney in Orange County. My husband was charged with some serious offenses. We did not know if we would even be able to afford a lawyer, but Ms. Sena worked with us and was always there for us. She gave us her cell phone number and talked to us in the evenings and on weekends. I wish all professionals did that! She is kind, caring, compassionate and SMART. I can't say enough good things about this lawyer."

"After the police arrested me with 243(e) [Domestic Battery, no injuries] against my wife, my wife and I consulted with various lawyers to find the one we were most comfortable with. We believed we already had chosen a lawyer, however we decided to do our due diligence and consult with the last lawyer on our list which was Staycie Sena (and we are extremely happy we did). What really sold us on Staycie was her prowess in the legal system, her transparency, her compassion, and her work ethic. She didn't sugar coat the situation, she didn't use scare tactics; she was honest and objective about potential outcomes. After we retained Staycie as legal counsel, she and her team aggressively sought out the DA to present what happened between my wife and I in our words (not just the polices). Because of her, the DA rejected the case and my wife and I are free to move on from this excruciating and embarrassing situation. Additionally, Staycie's team was accessible and very responsive. I was extremely nervous and had many questions throughout the process. I was able to call (or email) and receive a response from her or her team in a timely manner. Thank you very much Staycie (and team)."

"I give Stacy Sena an A+++++!!! My cases were dismissed and I am finally able to get my driver's license. I am so thankful I found her!"

"Staycie Sena handled my DUI at the Harbor Justice Center court a few years ago. I have had too many of these over the years and thought for sure I was going to jail for a few years. She worked out an agreement with the judge that let me avoid jail all together if I promised to wear an ankle bracelet that proves I'm no longer drinking. I was able to keep my job and my family. I don't know how she did it, but she works miracles."

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